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The material on this blog is for the glory of Jesus. His Good News is intended for all people. If you discover something you like on this site, we encourage you to share it with your friends, your church, the whole world! The quick and easiest way to share, is to hit one of the sharing buttons found at the bottom of every post. If you look at the bottom of this page, for example, you will see buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Email sharing. Clicking one of these will send a link directly to your Facebook wall, your Twitter account, email, etc. Sharing is Caring!


If the share buttons don’t serve your purpose, here are Charisma Ministries’ copyright policy: You are free to use material from this site for non-commercial purposes if you observe the following two requirements:


1. Credit is given to the post-author and charismaministries.org


2. Readers are directed to the original content (i.e., links to the specific post)


Under certain circumstances, you may also need to ask for permission before re-posting or reproducing content found on this site.


What can you share without asking for permission?


- Links to posts (e.g., simply use the sharing buttons at the bottom of each post)


- Short excerpts from posts (<200 words) – but remember the 2 requirements above


When do you need to ask for permission?


If you would like to use more than an excerpt (e.g., if you want to reproduce an entire post on your own website or in your church newsletter), please send me an email and just ask. Please tell me what you want to use, where you want to use it, who will get to see it and how many copies you wish to distribute. Your answers to these 4 questions can be sent to me via an email to cornel@charismaminstries.org


My apologies if this sounds draconian, but there’s nothing more frustrating that spending a week researching, writing and polishing a post only to see a shark cut and paste it onto their own site. Content theft is theft. Take care not to pass off the work of another as your own.  Re-posting verbatim quotes or large chunks of posts without attributions and back-links, is totally not cool. Re-posting the work of others (even with attributions) in order to generate traffic to your own site is a poor substitute for being original. If you value the message, send your readers to the original link (see above for how to do this). If you want to generate traffic to your own site, stop pasting the work of others and write your own content.


What if you want to quote Charisma Ministries or it’s contributing post-authors on Facebook?


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To quote a post-author, end the quotation with @author’s name (eg. @Cornel Marais) to tag them.


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