Cornel and Rensia Marais are the founders of Charisma Ministries. They are originally from South Africa and they have been married for over 7 years. Together with ‘Warriors for Christ’, the evangelical ministry of Rensia’s brother and father, they travelled throughout South Africa ministering and teaching in churches, home groups, prisons, townships and universities. They currently live and minister out of Hong Kong and have been involved with many churches and ministries in various countries around the world for the past 12 years. They were part of the leadership team of City Church International in Hong Kong, led by Rob & Glenda Rufus, where they were involved in training and equipping the congregation and ministry team to be more effective ministers in areas of healing and deliverance. Cornel also had the privilege of working with the underground church in mainland China. Cornel is the author of the book ‘So You Think Your Mind Is Renewed?‘ and co-author of ‘Administering the Children’s Bread: The Basics of Healing Under The New Covenant‘ a manual on healing that as been translated in 8 different languages already. Cornel founded Charisma Ministries when he lived in New Zealand and what started out as a blog grew to an international teaching & equipping ministry which has reached people in 188 countries around the world. They travel locally and internationally to teach in churches, home groups, conferences or where ever they are invited. Together their heart is to see the body grow into a greater revelation and understanding of Jesus, His Grace and the realities of the New Creation, governed by the New Covenant.


Simon Wilson also lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand. Simon went to Bible College after school and has been involved with various youth groups, homeless missions, prison ministries as well as JGLM life groups. His search for answers during a time of family sickness led him to John G. Lake Ministries overseen by Curry Blake. He attended their Divine Healing Technicians Training seminars a few times and since 2008 he has been praying for and ministering to the sick and with many healings recorded to date. Since meeting Cornel & Rensia in 2010 he started ministering with them all over the country. Simon too has a great passion to see people equipped to walk in kingdom power for themselves. He is also the co-author of the book ‘Administering The Children’s Bread: The Basics of Healing Under The New Covenant.

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"Your life is transformed to the degree that your mind is renewed. Cornel's book goes a long way to removing the hindrances to that renewal."

-Curry R. Blake, John G. Lake Ministries

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