My good friend Simon Wilson and I took some time to write about the basics of healing in the New Covenant and this manuscript is what we ended up with. I am sure it is a work in progress and additions and will be made as time goes by. We are making it available totally free, so share it around!

Many folks from around the world have taken it upon themselves to translate the manual into different languages. We are eternally grateful for that! As these translation are not professionally done, there might be some errors here and there.

Anyway, here are the manuscripts. Click on the name to open it, or right-click then ‘Save File As’ to download.


Administering The Children’s Bread:

The Basics of Healing Under The New Covenant

 Updated English Version: Dec 2011

Spanish Version Avaliable Now! Thanks to Joe Lescano for doing the translation!

Administrando el Pan de los Hijos:

Lo Basico de la Sanidad bajo El Nuevo Pacto

Dutch Version Available Now! Thanks to Fernando Pauwels for doing the translation! (It’s in a PDF file but done in Power Point format since Fernando uses it like this to teach from)

Genezing: het brood voor de kinderen: 

De basis van genezing onder het Nieuwe Verbond

We have a second Dutch version now and it was translated by Leendert Reek. Thanks so much!

Het Brood Van De Kinderen

Portuguese Version Available Now! Thanks to Yanna Coelho and Evelyn Marques for the translation!

Administrando o pão dos filhos O básico sobre cura na nova aliança


French Version Available Now! Thanks to Bruno Dammann for doing the translation!

Distribuer Le Pain Des Enfants:

Les Bases De La Guérison Sous La Nouvelle Alliance

German Version Available Now! Thanks to Deirdre Juergens for doing the translation!

Verabreichung das Brot der Kinder:

Die Grundlagen der Heilung im Neuen Testament

Russian Version Available Now! Thanks to Alexey Podol’sky for doing the translation!

Администрирование хлеб у детей 

There is now also a Laotian translation available!



There is now also a Slovakian translation available! Thanks to Tomas Janecek for this edition!

Chlieb patrí deťomZáklady uzdravenia v Novej Zmluve


We have received a Chinese Translations of our manual! Thanks to to those involved for this work!

Simplified Chinese Version

We have received another Chinese version and this is one is English and Chinese alongside each other! Thank you Paul Lee for this translation!

English/Chinese Side by Side Version

 We have also made a kindle version of our manual since many have requested one. Unfortunately we can’t make the kindle version free, due to Amazon policies. Proceeds will go towards helping us create more free resources like this one.

Thanks for all who are sharing and making this go all over the world! Grace to you all!

Cornel Marais

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