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I have just received a few extra free promo days from Amazon so I am making my books available for free to you all again! Starting tomorrow, for the next 3 days you can download the kindle versions for free and for nothing! The exact dates are from midnight to midnight 17 Feb until 19 Feb Pacific Standard Time. Please help spread the word so everybody who wants a free copy can get their hands on one!

If you don’t have a kindle device you can download the kindle software to most any computer, smartphone and tablet for free. Click here for more info.

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Grace and Peace!


Here are some popular highlights from So You Think Your Mind Is Renewed?

“Grace is more than unmerited and unearned favor. It is unmerited and unearned life, forgiveness, redemption, provision, healing, protection, peace, wholeness, freedom and so much more.”

“If you recognize lack, you will always look to your problem and not to your Provider.”

“If you want or need exponential increase, thank God for what you have and start giving it away! It is in the giving away that the multiplication manifests.”

And here are few popular highlights from Administering The Children’s Bread.

“Everything you believe about salvation is exactly true for healing too. Both are always God’s will at all times because both were provided for in the same atoning sacrifice.”

“Covenant governs relationship. The covenant you are under determines how God relates to you and how you relate to God. Don’t relate to Him through a covenant that is not applicable to you.”

“Because we are and know who we are, we do. We don’t do to become. Our identity is found in Christ alone, not in our deeds. Whether we succeed or fail, we remain the righteousness of God in Christ.”

Hey everybody,

I’m just interrupting my series on deliverance (which you can read here, here and here) with a great giveaway for you guys!

My publisher is running a promo and they are giving away free PDF copies of the book I co-wrote with 13 other great authors including Andrew Wommack, John Crowder, Benjamin Dunn, Lucas Miles, Arthur Meintjies, Rob Rufus, Ryan Rufus, Chad Mansbridge and more! Click here to read more about this book.

The promo is running until the end of February 2013 so you have plenty of time to grab a free copy, share this post on facebook and help us spread the word! Just click the picture below and grab a free copy, then say thanks by sharing this post on your wall. You can also like their facebook page and visit their website to check out more great deals. And remember, any book(s) you buy from them ships totally free anywhere in the world! Beat that Amazon!

Grace and peace!


Living Grace Cover Flat HD

For one day only, you can once again grab free copies of my books ‘So You Think Your Mind Is Renewed?‘ and ‘Administering The Children’s Bread‘ via Amazon Kindle.

The giveaway will happen on the 31st of October, which is tomorrow! Last time I gave away just over 2000 books, lets see if we can break that number! But I’ll need your help to do so. You can help simply by clicking the share button below to post this free giveaway on Facebook or Twitter so more people get to see it.

If you have already read the books and liked them, you can further help by taking 2 minutes to write a short review of them on Amazon. And of course I wouldn’t say no to couple of 5 star ratings…

Below are the links to the books on Amazon but the price will only drop around 12:00am Pacific Standard Time on the 31st of October. For the other territories outside the US, it might be a few hours later. Just check back again a little later to see if the promotion has gone live in your side of the world.

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