So You Think Your Mind Is Renewed? - By Cornel Marais

Traditions of man nullify the Word of God. This book is all about breaking those traditions and is not a general feel-good-about-myself-I’m-a-good-Christian either. You will find that this is a straight forward and sometimes challenging book. This book was not written to show you everything you might be doing wrong, but instead to show you the treasures in you that are illegitimately hidden and often unknowingly kept from the world. I you as a believers lies the greatest grace-empowered treasure, to heal the sick, the set the captives free, to proclaim freedom and goodwill to all mankind. For God so LOVES the world that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus, The Christ, to live in and through every believer by His Spirit, so that through Him and by His sacrifice, the lost can be brought back, the sick can be healed and the oppressed can be set free. – Cornel Marais


“Your life is transformed to the degree that your mind is renewed. Cornel’s book goes a long way toward removing the hindrances to that renewal.” Curry R. Blake, General Overseer of John G. Lake Ministries

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Administering The Children’s Bread: The Basic Of Healing Under The New Covenant - By Cornel Marais & Simon Wilson

Destroy the traditions of man that nullify the power of God in your life! Go back to square one and study the scriptures in this easy to read manual about healing under the New Covenant. No formulas, no digging in the past or endless fasting and praying, creating atmospheres or pressing into the presence! Just pure Jesus and His amazing GOOD NEWS!

This manual has helped tens of thousands of people see amazing breakthrough in receiving their healing as well as ministering to the sick more effectively and with better results. It has also been translated into Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and more translations are being worked on!

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Living Grace: How Grace Affects Your Whole Life

Living Grace is a synergetic combination of thirteen great men of God, well established in the Gospel of Grace, who have come together to show you how the grace of God both gives life, and is the only way of life! Each chapter contains distilled wisdom that has been stripped of naïve idealism, tested by the fires of adversity and trials, and proven fruitful and effectual. This book is not just talk; it’s stuff that works! It doesn’t come with ideals but with impartations of life!

The full list of authors: Benjamin Dunn, Ryan Rufus, Arthur Meintjies, Andrew Wommack, Rob Rufus, John Crowder, Chad M. Mansbridge, Fini de Gersigny, Joshua Mills, Wayne Duncan, Cornel Marais, Lucas Miles, Paul Hernandez.


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 I am currently also busy working on my a brand new book project… More details coming soon!


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Cornel’s Book

"Your life is transformed to the degree that your mind is renewed. Cornel's book goes a long way to removing the hindrances to that renewal."

-Curry R. Blake, John G. Lake Ministries

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