Happy New Year! I am so excited about 2013 for so many different reasons. May grace and peace of Christ be exponentially multiplied in your life! Last year I ended off with 2 lists, one about what Holy Spirit doesn’t do and a much longer one about what He does do. I also said I will share some stories of adventures I’ve had with Holy Spirit, and I would love to hear your stories too, so please share in the comments section below.

One adventure with Holy Spirit I remember vividly was the night I got baptized as an adult. The couple in whose house we met had a heated swimming pool with a semi-portable roof cover. It was a structure that basically covered the whole pool because the lady held swimming lessons for toddlers at her home.

It was a clear night, not a cloud in sight. We went outside and everything was quiet. The moment I put my feet in the water a wind started blowing. Not just a breeze, a full on wind almost coming from every direction. It got stronger and stronger and by the time I got about waist deep in the water it was so strong it started to lift the roof structure covering the pool.

The guy who was going to baptize me said we better do this quickly because he doesn’t want this structure coming down on us while we are in the water. So we got on with it. He dunked me and when I got up the wind blew the structure over on its side, and as quickly as it started blowing, it stopped.

It was pretty incredible, and nobody really knew what to make of it. We took it as a sign that makes you wonder. Over the course of the next 2 years I got thrown into the deep end of supernatural ministry as I started traveling with my brother- and father-in-law as they taught on the Holy Spirit at various churches and home groups around South Africa.

During these two yeas I felt like I was living in the gospel books. Everywhere we went we saw people healed and we saw many many demons cast out of believers and unbelievers alike. Yes, you heard right, demons were cast out of believers.

Hello Clarice...Now I have many friends who would staunchly disagree with me on this theologically saying that because of the finished work demons can no longer be in Christians, curses are non existent and the devil can do diddlysquat to influence or oppress you.

The thing is, I’ve seen it happen far too many times to believe it is not possible. The other thing is, Jesus did basically 3 things in His ministry. He preached, He healed and He cast out demons. So far, with the message of grace and healing that has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years, two of the three elements of Jesus’ ministry have been made manifest more and more. I believe deliverance from demons is a very neglected area, especially in the light of grace.

Most of the teachings out there on deliverance is very old school and very old covenant based. I first wrote about dealing with the demonic from a grace point of view in the book Living Grace, but I only had one chapter, and much more to say.

I believe deliverance is a ministry very abused (Thank you Hollywood), made overly complicated by old covenant beliefs (Thank you charismania) and misunderstood by so many people (Thank you fear…). I am going to share stories of deliverances I have been a part of with the intention of bringing restoration to this often neglected ministry in light of grace and the finished work.

There will be stories you might find hard to believe, trust me, some might even think I’m crazy. I might lose a few blog subscribers because they disagree with my conclusions, but never the less I am going to share my stories. Why? Because as I often say when I teach on the subject, ‘I’ve come across sicknesses I couldn’t heal, but I’ve never met a demon I couldn’t cast out’, and if I am to equip you for the work of ministry, then I have to equip you to deal with the demonic. Casting out demons was part of the Great Commission and it has been neglected for far too long.

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Let the peace of God reign in your hearts!


13 Responses to Deliverance 101

  • Kelly says:

    Omg, Cornell, yesssss! It is most definitely a subject that has indeed been so neglected. I have read many books and have attended a few “schools,” so I have been exposed to the subject matter. Plus, I’ve received some freedom myself and am very passionate about seeing other Christians set free, as well. I look forward to hearing your take on it. I’m waiting for your next posts with baited breath!

  • Nick says:

    Dude, very interested in hearing this one. I’ve been asking questions about this for a year now. I was bought into christianity through deliverence ministry, and for a long time was a ‘deliverence minister’ but now with the grace message, I’m sorta lost in it.

    One question that has always troubled me though is this: The whole idea we can only do deliverence on someone if they have become a Christian first. I got taught that if a non christian gets delivered, the demons come back worse and wreck it, so you have to convert them first.

    That always reaked of agenda to me, and I can’t understand why that would be truth, especially since the people Jesus and the disciples delivered weren’t christians first.

    If we are called to deliver the opressed, how can we expect to only do the deliverence on them once they are no longer opressed?

    Your thoughts?

  • Marnus says:

    I’m so happy that someone finally said it… Your chapter in Living Grace was by far the best for me. My wife and I had to leave our Church, and that Church family because we received deliverance ourselves, and wanted to be more involved with that ministry. No one can deny the blessings that flow freely on our lives right now that directly resulted from our deliverances 2 years ago. We tried for 3.5 years to get pregnant… We tried naturally, we joined a charismatic movement, we joined a inner healing ministry… We settled on adoption as our only alternative and we were going to be happy.

    Then I went to a deliverance retreat. They cast something called a Hinderer spirit of me. They helped me understand how it was functioning and what the road to wholeness would look like. My wife and I got pregnant 2 days later. My daughter is now 1 and a half, and our second girl will be born in April. We’re so blessed and thankful. God is good!

  • Winston&Ria Worthington says:

    Thanks for your strong standpoint. We agree wholeheartedly with you. It is a subject that many Spiritual leaders shy clear of and, as a result, the Congregants are kept in the dark. In our Ministry: Healing Rooms, Intercessors, Christian Counselling we are mostly in contact with people in serious need of Deliverance. We don’t know how the Lord works but we see, hear of and experience personally, the wondrous and great miracles He does in peoples lives. It is also very interesting that fellow Christians, including Spiritual leaders, are often the source/root of attacks launched against us. But, “GREATER IS JESUS IN US THAN SATAN THAT IS IN THE WORLD”
    God bless you and your wonderful Spirit Filled Ministry. We look forward to your articles.

  • Luke Beling says:

    Cornel, I agree with a lot of what you are saying. But isn’t the enemy’s primary and only tool/power in the area of deception/lies? Is that not his only power? Hence if we speak/believe the truth we uproot lies (demons). Although I believe deliverance can definitely be a power encounter, I believe that it is equally as much of a truth encounter. I believe that if people begin to believe the truth about the finished work of Jesus and all that it encompasses then deliverance (the breaking of lies/demons) will come naturally as a fruit. I came to the Lord through deliverance and quite frankly it frightened me. Every time I had an ill thought or bad emotion I thought I had a demon and needed deliverance ministry. It made me very paranoid. Also some struggles did not go away after it seemed as though demons “came out.” What really broke the power of the devil over my mind/life was the understanding that as Jesus is in this world so am I. Does Jesus have demons? No. Now I’m not saying that people aren’t influenced by demons, but what I am saying is that when we start to believe that Jesus has conquered all darkness in every part of us then demons flee. As you said they are there illegally. Once I began to understand that the Holy Spirit is constantly freeing me, protecting me, delivering me then I could just rest and not worry when I had an ill thought or emotion that a demon had taken hold of me. Thanks for the post!

    • Cornel says:

      Deception and lies are in his arsenal but that is not all. He holds the power of death too and with that sickness and destruction. In my experience revealing truth is extremely important and in some cases that is enough to deliver a person. In other cases the revelation of truth causes the demons to manifest like they did in Jesus day when He revealed truth. And just like in Jesus day, we still need to cast those stubborn ones out. Truth in and of itself is powerful, but truth needs to be both believed and applied to be of affect.

      It is exactly because of experiences you had where fear was instilled after deliverance that I am going to look at this subject because there is a lot of freedom in deliverance when done properly. If ministry scars people, it is not good. Secondly, the police in a city know that the criminal are there illegally or doing stuff illegally. That in itself doesn’t stop the crime. Truth needs to be acted on. Faith without action is dead.

  • Looking forward to your on going teaching on this subject Cornel. I often encounter Christians that are not so much against it theologically as much as they just wish the whole subject would just go away.

  • Paul Ellis says:

    I’m excited about this series! You know I’ve been saying for years you should tell more stories, because your stories are really good. (I never heard the baptism one before.) Finally, the wait is over! I know this series is going to help many people, myself included.

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