This is a common question that is always asked whenever I speak about this subject. The moment you mention demons, how they operate and what they do, people immediately want to know if they need to go for deliverance.

A few years ago, just before Rensia and I moved to New Zealand, I was doing weekly talks on this and other subjects. The last talk I held focused a lot more on deliverance and I subsequently had 6 people phone me the next morning to ask if they can come see me for prayer. We only had 1 day left before we would fly out, so I scheduled the people in for the next morning in 2 hour blocks.

Rensia was doing the final packing, I was praying for people in the empty living room. The people who came for prayer were my friends. We had been going to the same church for the last year and we all knew each other well. They all had the same question.

“Do I need deliverance?”

My answer to them was the same as what I generally give to people, ‘Come anyway and let’s check.’ What I mean by that is I am going to pray for you. If there are demons, they will leave. If there aren’t demons, you’ll get blessed either way. It’s a win-win situation. So they came. Some knew they had problems that needed to be dealt with, so their questions were more ‘I have this problem, is it demonic or just me?’ My answer to that question is exactly the same. ‘Come anyway and let’s check.’

All 6 of my friends were Christians. We all understood grace very well. We were pastored at that time by Rob Rufus, one of the pioneers of the current grace revolution, the very man who taught me about grace. We knew about the finished work of the cross, the new creation etc. We went into Mainland China together and held meetings in the underground church. We saw healings and miracles on a weekly basis inside and outside church. We weren’t strangers to the Holy Spirit or to the supernatural in other words.

Yet all 6 my friends, when I specifically prayed for their respective problems, manifested demons in varying degrees before they were cast out. How can grace-believing, presence-encountering, healing-administering believers have demons? Simple answer, because demons steal. Too often people try to justify the demon’s occupation because of sin. (Read more myths here)

“Sin opened the door to the devil, that gave it a right to operate.” No it didn’t. Sin doesn’t give demons the right to oppress you. Demons steal, which is inherently illegal. Nobody ever has a right to steal. If they had a right to steal, it wouldn’t be called stealing in the first place.

“But didn’t Jesus defeat the devil at the cross?” Of course He did. The devil is defeated.

Chained“So if he is defeated, why do you say demons can still influence us?” Because Jesus told us, after the cross and resurrection, to go cast out demons. If the devil was defeated the way it is popularly preached (where defeated is interpreted as powerless) why did Jesus say we are to cast demons out? Casting out demons is the first signs that is supposed to follow believers. This doesn’t mean they weren’t defeated at the cross, it means we have been given the keys to free the oppressed; all we need to go do is unlock their chains.

If the devil was no longer an issue, why would Jesus tell us to cast out demons? (Mark 16:17)

Why would God be crushing satan under our feet? (Rom 16:20)

Why is Jesus waiting for His enemies to be made a footstool? (Heb 10:12-13)

Why would Paul warn us to not be ignorant of the devil’s schemes so satan wouldn’t be able to take advantage of us? (2 Cor 2:11)

Why would James tell us to resist the devil so that he will flee from us? (James 4:7)

Why did Peter tell us the devil is still walking around like a lion looking for people to devour? (1 Pet 5:8)

There is only one person who wants you to believe the devil and his demons are no longer an issue that you need to deal with in your life and the lives of those you encounter, and that person is NOT the One who commissioned you to go cast demons out. The greatest lie the devil ever told was to convince Christians he doesn’t exist and doesn’t have power to destroy and oppress anymore.

Do not be ignorant of his schemes, instead expose and crush him under your foot. I’ll talk more about the how-to’s soon.

To be continued…


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  • Terry says:


    Here’s my take ….

    None of the verses you quoted speak of Christians be demon-possessed. Most of them do not even deal with demon-possession itself, per se. One of the verses 1 Peter 5:8, has alternatively been interpreted to refer to governmental persecution.

    Now against your position, you have, off the top of my head, two verses: Colossians 1:13 that says Christians have been rescued from the power (exousias) of darkness. And then there is 1 John 5:18.

    Yes, you can point to your 6 friends and whoever else. But the problem with that narrative is that you are asking your readers, who were not there and did not witness all the details, to give weight to personal experience, even when that experience appears (at least from my perspective) to contradict God’s word. I find that a slippery slope.

    Here’s something to chew on. Maybe your 6 friends and others weren’t demon-possessed at all. :shock: I know that sounds like a bit of a shock to say. Theologically outside of the box? Yes. But think about it, Cornel. If Christians have the power through their words to decree and change atmospheres, and if perhaps Peter and Paul had the power to do negative miracles, then maybe Christians have that same power to create horror scenarios they really didn’t ask for. Maybe what your friends were manifesting was themselves and the beliefs they entertained in the power of your own words. I think this is an explanation worth consideration.

    Another thing: In the New Testament, no one demon possessed came asking for deliverance. If someone is truly demon-possessed, I would say they would be more likely to resist your ministry, oppose you, and/or run away from you. Think about it: “Hey, I think I’ll go to Cornel’s deliverance session tonight.” Demon inside: “You know, what? Heck let’s go. I am all up for a man of God dragging me out and making an embarrassment of me.” It’s doesn’t jive, IMHO.

    • Cornel says:


      I appreciate your thoughts, but as Chuck Reid once said, “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.” These 6 friends of mine weren’t the first or last Christians I came across who had demons stealing from them.

      So if you agree with me or not theologically is really no concern of mine. I’ll keep casting demons out while you keep disagreeing over it. Also, there were a few people who came to Jesus asking for deliverance. Off the top of my head there is Matt 15:22, Mark 5:2, Matt 8:6, not to mention later on examples of deliverance in Acts 19:14-16, Acts 5:16, Acts 8:7, Acts 16:16-18.

      My experience does not contradict God’s Word. God’s word says casting out demons is a sign that will follow believers. It follows me therefore it’s a confirmation of both His word and my experiences.

      So let me see if I have this right: Jesus says, you will encounter demons, when you do, cast them out. Terry says, there are no demons to cast out, it’s all in your head. I think I will stick with Jesus on this matter. Jesus never told us to change atmospheres, He told us to set people free. I do that and people get free. That is enough for me.

  • Cornel-

    What a great series. I really believe you are going to clear up the confusion and henceforth hesitation, and get believers both experientially free and ready to get others free. This topic has gotten buried since the 80′s-90′s to the detriment of many. I really like how you started your series with these previous posts as a foundation, rather than leading with the stories. Well done!

  • Daniel Dixon says:

    Maybe this question will be addressed in a later post, but what about a believer declaring freedom over themselves and setting themselves free? Do we really need to go to somebody else and have them pray for us if one of us is in need of deliverance?

    • Cornel says:

      Self deliverance is entirely possible. I recommend it too. I can help you get free, you need to learn how to stay free, and that can involve self deliverance.

  • Mitch says:

    Hey Cornel,

    maybe some of the confusion for Terry is the idea of possession….spirit control? Demons obviously taunt and torture and steal, but, I can’t imagine a spirit -filled Christian coming to the point where their entire personality is taken over by a demonic presence. Just a thought!

    I have also been told that, for Christians, the way demonic spirits gain “access” (in order to steal) is mainly through our un-renewed mind. Their only real weapon is deception; if they can get you to believe a certain thing, you then essentially give them permission to accomplish that in you. If you believe they have power to dominate you due to *insert reason here*, you will then allow them access by that belief? If you believe that God will punish you with sickness, you then give a demonic spirit power to inflict sickness, and you won’t fight it…. We still have will and authority…but we don’t always use it due to wrong beliefs.

    But, that’s just my two cents, Cornel might think otherwise!

    • Cornel says:

      I agree that total possession of a Christian is highly unlikely, but when a demon manifests in a Christian they can temporarily be out of it. I will share on cases like this which I have encountered in upcoming articles.

      Permission is not a concept I like because whether my mind is renewed or not, a demon has no right to steal from me. If it had permission, it would not be stealing.

    • Cornel says:

      Like I said, pray and ask Holy Spirit. He’ll tell you. If your unsure about what you hear when you ask, then pray as if there is one and see what happens. For example, if you pray and the person suddenly gets a headache, that is a manifestation. Command the demon to leave. If the symptom/manifestation goes away, it has been cast out. Now manifestations vary greatly and I will cover more about that in upcoming posts.

      • Allen says:

        Cornel, when you say pray as if there is a demon. Does that mean if the person you are praying for is experiencing pain in their leg, You look to cast out a demon before commanding healing to their leg? Or do you pray for their leg, then if the pain gets worse or another symptom manifest then you’ll cast out the demon?

        • Cornel says:

          I don’t have a formula I use. I go by what happens while I pray. If the person tells me they are in pain before I pray, I tell the pain to go. If they don’t tell me anything and then something starts happening while I am praying, I tend to go after a demon. There are certain types of demons that tend to manifest in the similar ways each time I encounter them, so after a while you learn what/who you are dealing with.

  • Paige says:

    This series is really helpful for me as I have always irrationally feared this kind of thing! I would love to know more about self-deliverance too :) .

    Thank you so much Cornel, you have a really meaningful voice for Jesus in this world and I really appreciate you and your ministry. You are teaching me a lot about Jesus’ heart and ways. I’m so excited for the way in which God will use people after imparting to them the wisdom they have recieved from your ministry.

  • Christine Martin says:

    Great class Cornel..All I can tell is that I really appreciate it and I will use it when I teach because you put things so clearly…you know, truth has a smell and a taste with it and I can smell in the spirit that is good , wholesome 100 % Biblical teaching..very usefull too and believe me..I am of all people very careful of what I read or watch…God bless you…

  • Christine Martin says:

    By the way, I did a self deliverance 2 years ago…I simply asked the Lord to show me if something was indering me in my life and spiritual growth…He told me that a nasty devil of confusion was indering my undestanding of the Word…you bet that I casted this thing out forcefully…whack ! Since that time, I have been free and my mind function much better…When I realised that this devil was there probably for years makes me so mad at the enemy and his uggly scheme…lets get free for God’s and his work sake…The thing that is blocking us is simply our spiritual pride…how come such a dedicated Christian like I am could have a devil ?? Maybe this is because our secret sins?,,, And all this kind of stuff….We need to wake up to the fact that we are in a war and the enemy plays dirty…he likes to infect us with his dirt..nothing to be ashamed of…we just need to recognise the fact that some dirt went on us and we need a good clean up once a while…Demons are simply parasites…just that ..not something to be ashamed of but simply things to get rid off..

    • Cornel says:

      You’re right, it’s like picking off tics. You don’t care why they are there, you just get rid of them. Secret sins are not an open door. The only reason why demon remain is because believers don’t evict them. That’s it. Nothing else.

  • Todd Woodgate says:

    Cornel – totally excellent. I can’t wait for the next instalment.
    :smile: :smile: :smile:

    My understanding of how demons operate in/around our bodies -

    Summary – Satan operates in the void between our Position and our condition. As we look to the cross daily, the gap narrows and we become more mature, more Christ like in our walk.

    A saved person cannot be possessed (see below). Possession means a demon in habits the spirit. That cannot happen in a save person because their spirit is saved so it has been recreated in God’s image. If someone is possessed before salvation, they won’t be after unless they didn’t get saved.

    1. Adam was created completely righteous and in God’s image (Gen 1:26-28)
    2. Adam sinned because he needed to check out the TofKofG&E (Gen 3). God worked with Adam when he was checking out the tree. (rom 1:21 approx) We all died when Adam sinned (rom 5:12-20). The entire human race was imputed with death along with the Earth and satan. (Gen 3)
    3. Grace and thus salvation was available since Adam sinned
    example – check out Abraham – a friend of God and he believed so God credited him with righteousness – Gen 15:6 – That is – Abraham got saved.)
    4. Jesus dies on the cross and gets made the death that we were imputed with in the garden of Eden. Thus when I was born, I was imputed with death. When I got saved, I was imputed with life. ( 2 Cor 5:17-21). I am not anything like I was before – I am a new creation. This is called my Position. I was imputed with Jesus’ life (John 11:25). My position is perfect forever (Heb 10:14). The judgement of the garden doesn’t apply to saved people.
    5. The confusion is that saved people are perfect forever, but their complete salvation has not manifested on earth. For example, we still live in the same physical body that we have before salvation. We have not received our new bodies yet. (2 Cor 5:1+). When God looks at a saved person, he sees that they are perfectly righteous and will go to heaven. He sees our new creation. He who is faithful will deliver. (rev 3:7). We are working into our maturities as Christians. God is with us all the time and he sees no fault in us because of the free gift (Jesus’ Life) that we received at salvation.
    6. Demons – It is possible for demons to live in our bodies, but not in our spirits because the salvation manifested in our spirit when we got saved. We have to guard our thoughts and continue to grow in maturity daily (Luke 9:23), renew mind ( Rom 12:2) and be aware of the Devils schemes (eph 6:12-13). IF NECESSARY, cast some out – in Jesus’ name. I have to watch what I think about, consider, internalize (i.e. meditate on) lest it give satan a landing pad for something (see also James 1:8). When that happens, I pray or worship etc and the “dead” lie or stronghold gets healed. That may take days or months, or years depending on the situation. Healing means the dead part is removed and the gap between your condition and Position is narrowed. The key point is that you need to start acting like your Position or demonic things COULD take advantage of the gap between Position and condition.

    Summary – Satan operates in the void between our Position and our condition. As we look to the cross daily, the gap narrows and we become more mature, more Christ like in our walk.

    @Terry –
    Colossians 1:13 – Simply put – We were all imputed with death in the Garden of Eden (see above). When we got saved, we were imputed with Jesus life because Jesus took the body of sin (ie death) into hell for us. (2 cor 5:17-21). After you are saved you are in the image of Jesus Christ and no demon has authority over you UNLESS you don’t know who you are in Christ.

    1 John 5:18 – When you are saved, you are imputed with Jesus’s Life. You have everything you need for eternity (see my other comments above). You were imputed with death in the Garden by God and he gave you 120 years (Gen 6:3) so that you would grow up and mature, then get saved. See also Eph 2:1-10. This verse talks about your Position not your condition. Position = in the image of Jesus. Condition = getting closer to Position everyday. ie maturing in Christ or becoming more Christ-like every day as I focus on the cross. The concept of imputation of life vs death is key to understanding much of 1 john, Ephesians, and James, and Romans.

    Also John 3:16 – Jesus said this after explaining salvation to Nicodemus
    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

    For God so loved the world => world = humans imputed with death
    whoever believes in Him should not perish => perish = manifest death
    have everlasting life. = eternal life. (ie get imputed with The Life or Jesus)

    • Cornel says:

      Thanks for your inputs Ted,

      I agree that possession of a believer’s spirit is not going to happen. But just because a person’s spirit is sealed and united does not mean a demon can’t take over their body and mind for certain amounts of time. I have seen that happen too many times to count. Their spirit is still sealed and united, but they can’t control their thoughts and actions for periods of time as a result of severe oppression and/or manifestations.

      • Todd Woodgate says:


        Yes, I am absolutely in agreement with your reply. I went for “ministry” once 10 years ago. The christians said that I wasn’t saved. They said that they could tell by talking to me. You can’t tell if someone is saved by talking to them. Most people manifest “clues” that they are saved but some people don’t. I was saved. I knew that. I was “delivered” very dramatically during salvation. Essentially, the Holy Spirit took over my body and while I was under control of it, my mouth moved and “I give my life to Christ” came out. Yep, when something comes and it recognises Christ, that’s a clue that it’s from God. (1 John 4:1-2) For years after that, I was a mess. One pastor said I looked like an ax murderer when I first met him. I started to get cleaned up when I found out what the gospel really is. I have been reborn into the image of the living God (2 cor 5:17) and no demonic thing has any authority over me. If I don’t feel right or I think something is wrong, I go pray in tongues or worship.

  • Cornel,

    One more thing that Terry may be interested in looking at is Acts 8:9-24. Very interesting story of Simon the sorcerer, who appears to be saved, but is still ‘poisoned’ and ‘bound’. And yet, he has all appearances of freedom and willingness to be apart of what God was doing. And yes- he asked for prayer for deliverance as well. He truly didn’t want to be that way, but his mind was bent in a certain direction that took spiritual discernment to target and break off. Unfortunately we do not know the end of the story, and what Peter’s response was to this willingness to be free. But the fact remains that there were believers who had spiritual attachments that needed to be released.

    See also Acts 19:17-20. This references ‘Believers’ who were involved in dark magical arts. The question is, were demons involved in these believer’s lives and decision making before this event happened? And if not, why did they feel necessary to make a big deal about burning those materials rather than just throwing them away, or using them as toilet paper or doorstops? If they were just ‘harmless’ to their spiritual lives? And why did Paul in 1 Corinthians 10:19-21 tell believers to leave idols and their sacrifices alone, because that opens up the possibility of ‘fellowshipping with demons’- even though a few chapters ago (chapter 8), he reminds them of the fact that these things have no power over them. The point is that we are not to give the devil any ‘place’. (As he says in Eph.4:27). Paul continually reminds believers of their position, and yet tells them not to be entangled in a yoke of bondage. (even to the point of ‘witchcraft’! -Gal3:1) What ARE demons really? Sin, and deception personified, with active wills. He strategizes, schemes, lies, and seeks to take any opportunity to influence any way he can be believed he can. Casting out devils from believers is simply using authority against a demonic personality that has sought to encode his mindset and emotion upon that believers Will somehow. And what happens is the power of the believers Will exercising authority against that devil has been influenced to turn that ‘gun’ ‘willingly’ away from that demon, and instead disuse or misuse that authority. And authority not used, is the same as authority abused. And the worst lie is… “There is no devil involved with that thought or behavior at all… it is purely psychological from within the believer.” “We just need to renew our minds and everything will be hunky dory….” Implying there is no active spiritual resistance to having a mind renewed, and it SHOULD be easy… riiiight…..

    Sorry- got carried away… I’ll let Cornell continue…. :)

  • Terry says:

    Hi Folks,

    Thanks for all the replies. I am genuinely interested in hearing what Cornel and others have to say about this. I still have some questions about some verses that have been subsequently brought up in this discussion. Maybe I’ll address them later. For now, I do have a few observations:

    1. I do honestly have concerns about how our presentation of the subject may lead to some mindsets that undermine the Grace Message. IMHO, the Deliverance Movement has suffered from the same problems as the Prophetic Movement, Prayer Movement, Shepherding Movement. It’s attitude that says you didn’t get everything at the cross. There is still something you need to do to clean yourself up. You need to go to the “Man of God” to get deliverance the way you might have to go to him to get your impartation/mantle. It has the potential of making Christians think there is still something “wrong” with them and that sin is the problem, etc. I don’t know about others, but I am not keen to have one hint or iota of spiritual performance brought back into our presentation of the Gospel. About three years ago, I suffered under constant fear of being possessed, of thinking I did something wrong to leave the door “open”, and constantly doing my rote confessions to banish bogey-men (yeah, I even followed the standard script of repenting for anything my great-grandfather did or any occult, freemason stuff that someone/somehwere along the line may have done). That was prior to my exposure to the Grace Message.

    2. I believe in deliverance. I don’t think things are all “just in the head.” Sin and sickness is destructive and not “just in the head” However …. the faulty mindsets that empower sin and sickness may very well be in the head. The same principle I think applies to deliverance. Which deliverance is more effective? Is it the one a pastor says over you, or the one promised to you two thousands years ago on the cross? I think resting in the last one is much easier and I daresay more effective for the Christian (The words of deliverance said by the Holy Spirit trump any words of deliverance said by human beings.). The reason we still might have to “cast demons” out is because the ones affected usually aren’t able to make that decision for themselves (e.g., they are not saved and they are not in their right senses).

    • Cornel says:

      Hey Terry

      I hear you brother. That is exactly what I am trying to counter with this series. The whole ‘You are still dirty, the cross wasn’t enough, you need to also do this this and this to get here there and wherever.” My starting point with deliverance of any kind is always the finished work of the cross. It is exactly because of the finished work that I am so passionate about deliverance. Christ has set us free and for any demon, power or principality to encroach on that freedom will not stand in my eyes.

      I do not have a message that says you need to go to a man of God to get delivered. My message is this: The Man of God, Jesus Christ lives in you. If you have problems, be it healing or oppression or whatever, you have everything you need to deal with it. Now tell your mountain to move. Sin is not a barrier to God’s power and the devil is a scrawny little brat who flees when the Sons of God, who know who they are, show up in authority and power and actually do what they were commissioned to do.

      Fear of being possessed is something I will address because it is nonsense that believers walk in fear of the devil. If you are afraid of the devil, you don’t fully understand who you are yet. You are thinking that I am undermining the grace message when in fact I am enforcing it. All these things you mention about repentance prayers and sin confession, strong man binding and digging up generational curses and sins are all Old Covenant nonsense. I am just as opposed to those things as you are. That is not my message. I have not fully given my message yet and already people are making conclusions to what I am saying.

      I’m not a pastor promising you something. I am a son of God telling you something. Whether you want to believe me or not because of theology or your own perspective, that is your road to walk. So next time when a 13 year old girl Christian girl starts screaming in a man’s voice throwing my friends around the room like they were rag dolls, I’ll call you to ask how theology will help her. Theology is good and good theology is great, but when people tell me I am talking nonsense when I have seen thousands of demons cast out of people including Christians, I get a bit defensive. So again, the very same things you say in your second paragraph, I have cast demons out of people saying the exact same thing. Is what they said wrong? No. But renewing the mind and resisting the devil is not always a package deal for everybody. So please don’t read my words as angry or agressive, I mean it all in an encouraging way. Let me finish what I am saying before you jump to conclusions as to what I am going to say or what you think I am implying.

      Bless you bro

      • Terry says:

        Thanks for the reply, Cornel. I was going to say that I did not think you were doing anything wrong by offering deliverance to Christians. If some people feel like they need help that way, I am not going to forbid them.

        I am remind of an audio sermon by the late Kenneth Hagin on his experiences on deliverance entitled the “Believer’s Authority” or something like that. He related how the church he pastored would have “Deliverance Meetings” then “Loosing Meetings” then “Get Free Meetings” (I am roughly paraphrasing him here). It was an endless cycle where the same people would show up again and again to get free, delivered, loosed. The people would have the same problems over again. Hagin finally concluded that what those needed was an understanding of who they were in Christ.

        • Cornel says:

          I would conclude the same thing. And that is why I include a revelation of identity in Christ out of whosoever I cast a demon. When I did deliverance in the old covenant style, people would also come back again and again. I know now that is because that covenant carries a fading glory. But the deliverances I have done under the New Covenant, under the increasing glory and with a revelation of identity have been lasting. But non the less a demon was or a few were cast out in the process. Sometimes understanding is enough to break a stronghold. Sometimes a demon just needs to be stepped on and crushed. Why? Because Jesus told us to do it and said it would be a sign that follows and confirms His gospel.

  • Brotherdave says:

    No Christian in the New Testament ever needed to be delivered from demons, check the book of Acts. Some people just need to be taught about their new status and that’s all. If you don’t know what salvation encompasses you will believe all the lies and even demons will be able to influence you, but soon as you know… You will ACT right. Your friends were not aware of the benefits of salvation.

    • Cornel says:

      Let me get this right.

      1. You say Christians don’t need deliverance because NT Christians didn’t need it in Acts.
      2. Then you say demons can influence Christians.

      So which is it? They can or they can’t influence us? Way to prove my point Dave. Also, well done on on judging the salvation of people you don’t even know. How Christian of you. Let me guess, you have never cast a demon out of any person? Jesus probably didn’t know what He was saying when He commissioned us to cast out demons, right?

      I’m sorry if I sound condescending but it’s exactly this sort of thinking that keeps people in bondage. And then people get on my back for setting people free. Sometimes I wonder…

  • Mel says:

    Hey Cornel.

    I must thank God for letting me see your website!(Thank you too Paul Ellis). I have been blessed by all the articles I have read so far. Even the comments of other users! Great articles, especially this one on deliverance. You know the kind of feeling you get when a tongues speaking, miracle performing, internatonal TV preacher tells you demons cannot be present in those who are born again, and yet, you see another international TV preacher casting out demons from CHRISTIANS?? Honestly, that just messed me up. Unfortunately, most people tend to hold on to their original views on this issues, giving no thought on another’s interpretation of scriptures. Worse, they consider those who seek to get answers to these as being rebellious (I have been there). I can’t wait to read every post on this series. I just realised how impatient I can get, especially now that I know I might need prayers :grin: :lol:

    God bless you brother. Shalom.

    • Cornel says:

      Thanks Mel. Yes, that is crazy. I know the feeling. I tell people how to get free and people get upset with me for freeing people because it doesn’t gel with their theology. Sounds like what happened to Jesus… haha. Go figure.

  • Janelle says:

    I suppose, rather than thinking of it as “giving permission, a right, or authority” to the demonic to mess with believers, it’s more like we’ve been given by God a load of bricks for the wall that protects our personhood, already established, and a manual on how to make more bricks and repair the wall. Sometimes, we make mistakes, believe wrong things, etc., and it’s like we have taken down some bricks in our wall, and if a thief jumps over a low point in the wall, it’s not like we gave ‘permission’ to them, but that thieves and squatters are simply opportunistic — even if it’s illegal, it’s trespassing, it’s an invasion of one’s personhood. It’s also not that we’re practically “asking for it” if they come in — a broken wall means we’ve probably been distracted by other stuff, maybe we’ve been so under our circumstances that we haven’t taken the chance to stand in the yard and survey the structural health of our temple.

    Certainly helps make “give no foothold for the devil” and “put on the whole armour of God” make a lot of sense. God’s given us tools and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to keep us protected and strong and do the works He’s prepared and sent us to do — namely, to destroy the works of the enemy by helping, healing, and restoring people to Him.

    • Cornel says:

      Though I understand the analogy Janelle I don’t know if I would put it exactly like that because it tend to make people feel like they did something wrong and their oppression is a type of punishment. Trust me, people think like that by default. Instead of saying you did something wrong and removed a brick, I would rather say, “This brick you think you removed, God put it back in Christ on the cross by forgiving all your mistakes. There is no gap left for the devil to jump over because of your behaviour. The devil has simply been stealing from you and I am here to stop it and bring restoration. Now BE FREE!”

      Or something to that effect. :)

  • Todd Woodgate says:

    @Everyone –
    A word of encouragement to those who are kicking the tyres.
    GO FOR IT!
    Keep praying, reading, discussing with other believers.
    You will get there
    HE has triumphed over every bad thing

    rev 21:4
    And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”

    then … it gets even better after the end of this age >>>

    on to the next age and EVEN MORE GLORY!

  • Cory says:

    Hey Cornel,
    Loving this series as I have always been confused about deliverance, possession/oppression on believers, etc even after attending BSSM (assuming you know what school that is).
    Some questions I have are this (if you already answered these or will be, just point me in the direction) :
    1. I understand your idea about demons coming to steal which requires no permission. But how does someone prevent such a thing? I mean if Jesus could live such a life, is it a matter of knowing our identity and being aware to stop such thievery?
    2. A good friend of mine talked about manifestations being possibly from a demon but in the charismatic world is widely accepted as Holy Spirit manifestations (such as head shaking, funny body manifestations, drunkeness/filled etc). I guess my question is what have your encounters been like for these common manifestations and if you were able to discern the difference? It’s been a question to since I know of friends that have hurt themselves manifesting. I have had these manifestations as well, but have always felt I had control over them about 95% of the time, the 5% usually being I do not care and am laughing my head off.

    • Cornel says:

      Hi Cory,

      Yes, I know a lot of folks over at BSSM actually.

      Jesus didn’t prevent the devil attacking Him personally. The temptation in the desert is a prime example. Paul himself wrote that when the day of evil comes, stand. Not, if, but when. Know you probably know the saying that the best defence is a good offence. I find this to be true in the spiritual too. If you are on the attack, as we should be, then we wont need to prevent or defend so much. I find the church is mostly either in denial or defence mode when it comes to the demonic.

      If a person hurts themselves physically while ‘experiencing the presence of God’ what they experiences was not God. God does not hurt. That was a demon. No doubts in my mind about making that claim. Most often when demons do manifest they do shake-rattle-&-roll around, and I do believe much of what happens in the charismatic world which is demonic is just attributed to the Holy Spirit because of denial and lack of knowledge.

      1 Cor 14:32 talks about you mention about control. If you can’t control it, 10 to 1 it’s demonic. God doesn’t take over your body and force you to do stuff.

      • Cory says:

        Thanks for the reply and explanation. Haven’t put too much thought into these topics so will definitely read more and think about all this. It makes sense about the enemy attacking us, especially if we are ignorant to it and therefore cannot exercise our authority.

        And yeah as far as physical manifestations that injure, if they have no control then yeah I agree it is most likely a demon. Makes me wonder about manifestations because as far as I know they date back quite a ways? Stuff like shaking/quaking under the presence and stuff. But I haven’t done enough research to know if this is true or not. This might be the beginning of being more spiritual discerning. Look forward to more of your posts!

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