spread-the-wordHey peeps,

I am blessed to be going to South Africa to visit my family during March. Yay! This will be the second time in 6 years that I will see them. Double Yay!

Since I will be gone, I won’t be posting much during that time, so I decided to open the influence I have to you guys. What I mean is, I want you guys to write truth and spread freedom through this blog. So I am opening the floor for you to send me your own articles to be featured right here on this blog. We have built a pretty big social reach over the years, so your nugget of truth will potentially be seen by a couple of thousand people right around the world!

I will load them up as they come in and schedule them to be posted during the month of March and perhaps beyond depending on the response I get… Obviously there are a few guidelines I would like you to stick to:

  1. Keep it short, simple and to the point. 500-800 words Max.
  2. Keep it Christ-centred.
  3. If you are a blogger, be sure to include the back links to your blog so I can include them in the post.

Ok, so there were only 3 guidelines. You can write about anything you want. Jesus, Grace, Healing, Identity, Discipling, Church, Freedom, Testimonies, Stories, Ponderings, Musings, Poetry whatever you want! You can even submit more than one article if you want.

You can send you articles to me directly at cornel@charismaministries.org

If you have pictures you would like to include in the article, please attach them too. Oh, and please remember to give your article a header that will make readers want to read it. And let me know what country you’re from too!

Ok, if you have any questions, ask in the comments below.

Grace Up!



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