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I have some more books to giveaway to some of my awesome subscribers! Last time you only needed to be a subscriber to qualify, this time that is not a requirement: I actually want you guys to participate in a project of mine. If you participate, you stand a chance to get one of the books I have to giveaway. This time I am giving away some first edition copies of ‘Do Christians Still Have A Sinful Nature?’ and ‘Sanctification By Grace’, both by my friend Ryan Rufus. Click here for more info on these books!


As some of you might already know, I am currently in the process of writing a new book! In it I want to include a few short, specific ‘testimonies’ of people, and since you all have come on this journey with me, who better to provide me with some than you guys!


So here is what I am looking for: I want you to write a SHORT testimony/statement, NOT YOUR LIFE STORY! And I want you to specifically write about a very specific lie which church/religion had fed you to believe and what happened to you/your life when it was replaced with truth. For example:


“For years religion had me believing I needed to confess my sins daily or else God would not love me. Every day and night I spent talking to Him was a groveling-begging-marathon and I always felt worthless at the end. Since I have learned the truth that this is not what He wants, my relationship with Dad has never been better! My faith is stronger and I don’t feel like a worthless excuse for a human being anymore.” – (Name), (Country).


(You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to.)


Use the comment section underneath this post to write your story. When the time comes and I do decide to use your story in my book, I will contact you again to first ask for permission. Every person whose testimony I do decide to use will also receive a free copy of my new book once it is published, hopefully later this year…


Thanks in advance for your contributions! I can’t wait to read what you have to share!




35 Responses to Lies You Have Been Set Free From!

  • Ryan Rhoades says:

    I was extremely caught up in the torment of thinking “revival” would only come if millions of people fasted, prayed, and repented all day long. I had no grid for Romans 5:20 and the grace of God. When I really saw the freedom that Jesus provided, everything changed almost overnight. I stopped feeling worthless and frustrated by all the problems in the world and started seeing things from God’s perspective—peace by the blood of the cross! I have such a depth of freedom in my walk with God and it only grows everyday.

    - Ryan Rhoades
    United States

  • Cathy Summer says:

    I was told that God allows and even in some cases plans accidents and sickness to stop us or teach us lessons that otherwise we would never have learned. Also that through much suffering, like from a severe disease, one would grow much closer to God and that sometimes God chooses to take someone to heaven instead of healing them on earth. I was often told that sicknesses were “LOVE GIFTS” in disguise… Of course believing these types of doctrines gives a wrong kind of fear of a god who would smite someone, or our loved ones with diseases or accidents to teach them a lesson and help them grow spiritually… I remember sometimes secretly wishing God would hopefully not want me to learn and grow to the point of giving me a cancer! HA! I actually thought only saintly folks would be able to endure such “love gifts” from God… So I would comfort myself in the thought that I was undeserving of HIS SPECIAL LOVE GIFTS! How confused can you get!!! Then I stumbled upon New Covenant teachings by people like Curry Blake, Andrew Wommack, Todd White, Ryan Rhoades and others. Now by God’s Grace am laying hands on the sick and they are recovering! Needless to say the NEW COVENANT TRUTHS have been so liberating and have motivated me to go and heal the sick in Jesus Name.
    Cathy, Reunion Island

  • irina ilie says:

    Religion taught me that God gives or allows us to get ill or have tragedies in our life so that he can teach us a lesson, or for a reason that we will never understand on this Earth; and that when we pray for healing we should be humble enough to say “heal me only if it is your will”. Therefore I never saw any people healed (I didn’t even have the confidence to pray openly for any), and with my husband having a huge brain aneurysm I lived in constant tormenting fear of what might happen. Praise God that we got hold of the truth 3 years ago through Andrew Wommack, and now the aneurysm is completely gone! Ministries like yours sets people free! – Irina, United Kingdom

  • Katie Jarvis says:

    Church had always taught me that being a really good christian meant fasting, praying, going to every church event, reading my bible daily and converting people. So I tried and tried, and I felt proud that I was probably the holiest 13 year old in the area. But secretly I was hungry, I was guilty because I didn’t want to read my bible daily and I couldn’t convert anyone, I was just horribly bullied, which my church applauded saying that I was blessed, and that I must be doing something right for all this pain the Devil was causing me. But when I received the revelation that Jesus had done everything, the joy I felt was incredible. I actually started reading my bible because I wanted to and my friends who are unbelievers have come to know Jesus. I am no longer hungry and the relationship with my Heavenly Father has become so much more intimate and fun. I now love to talk about Jesus and the gospel, instead of fearing persecution and feeling guilt when I fail. I am free to live my life with my Lord serving The Church, instead of serving a church.
    -Katie Jarvis, United Kingdom

  • Rob Steinbock says:

    I spent 15 years of “christianity” crushed under sin and under guilt believing that God couldn’t be near me because of my sin. Sin and guilt abounded because of this. The truth got hold of me that I am righteous because of Jesus and not because of my actions and I was totally set free.
    - Rob Steinbock
    United States

  • Jenan Semple says:

    My beloved 21-year-old niece was diagnosed with brain cancer, during her second year in college. She went into a coma. We initiated prayer chains around the globe on her behalf. We met daily in groups to pray for her. We felt surely God would respond to hundreds of people begging for healing without ceasing, but she died. Everyone was devastated. Believer and nonbeliever alike. Only now do I know that we do not beg for healing just as we do not beg for salvation. Both are readily available through faith. Too late for her, but oh! Not too late for others in my life.


    • Anne says:


      I learned the same lesson you did as my daughter lay in the hospital with a birth defect and died. We did the prayer chains and begged, “trusting” God’s will. We didn’t realize we had the keys already. I had faith in God, but not in who He left me here to be. I never took authority over her body, just waited and hoped and prayed. The one time I saw miraculous change in her condition was when I read Psalms aloud over her. She was dying and her kidneys were failing. As I read, her kidneys began to function. A few days later, she started diving again and I didn’t repeat it, but realize now, that I “agreed” with the doctors and the monitors and declared her life over. I don’t dwell on the past, but thank God for teaching me differently. I’m sure Satan regrets taking her now, because it pushed me to deeper questioning about spiritual things. Thanks for your testimony.

  • I was taught that I need to please God for Him to bless me. I would do things for God even though I don’t want to do it. I labored for His Kingdom but the blessing seldom came. There is that feeling inside of me that God owes a blessing to me because of the things I do for Him. I started complaining to Him and asking Him why the blessings are not coming. When I heard the Gospel of Jesus, I was set free of trying to please God and started knowing that He loves me and He would not withhold anything from me because He already gave His best. I was freed from toiling to gain His love and blessing and started receiving His love for me. I ended living “restful increase” in my career and ministry.

    Joseph, Philippines.

  • Rebecca Clayton says:

    I spent the first 7 years or so of my christian life being taught, and believing, that I lacked something.
    That I needed to clean my act up, and live right, and then have a big moment with a famous preacher, (preferably involving lightening bolts), and THEN I could be used by God to impact the world.

    Since coming to understand my completion, righteousness and freedom in Christ, I have had the courage to pray for others for healing, and share my faith like never before. The last 2 years have been amazing in terms of my own growth and also in terms of people healed and touched by God in ways I could never have imagined. Its wonderful to be so free, and so secure in my faith.. and it just gets better every day.

    Rebecca Clayton – United Kingdom.

  • Tony Simone says:

    Growing up in Italy, I was told that you always know when your parents were being intimate with each other because in the morning the statues of saints were facing the wall. Religion taught us to worship and pray to different saints and statues and they were considered holy. When I got married, my mother-in-law gave us a portrait of Jesus. I hung it on the wall in our bedroom. Big mistake! In 2 weeks because of guilt, shame and condemnation, I moved Jesus’ portrait outside my bedroom into the hallway. I always thought I was a failure in God’s eyes and never good enough, so most of my life I stayed away from God. It wasn’t until I heard the Gospel of God’s grace and His finished work that I was set free from guilt and condemnation. I am free, thank God I am free! Tony, United States

  • I have finally learned what self righteousness is. Self righteousness is ANYTHING that I TRY to do to get closer to Father … to do, do, do to make myself feel better … it may come in the form of giving, works, going to church, reading devotions or the Word, praying, fasting, etc. These acts in and of themselves are not bad … but when the heart and attitude behind the act comes from a motivation to either please Father or get approval from Him or man, it is wrong. Self righteousness also comes in the form of me not being good enough. Me feeling like I don’t belong because of my past or my present actions … essentially me feeling like His paid price on the cross is not good enough. The focus is on ME. Whenever my focus goes from ME and off of JESUS … my inherited, paid for righteousness THROUGH THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST turns into SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS and it is offensive to what HE paid for. I AM the righteousness of Christ because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross. I am saved, healed and delivered because of that act … not because of anything I do!

  • Karis Johnston says:

    For 32 years I had a giant thread of fear running throughout my life. Fear of sickness and death, fear of what people thought, fear of anything new that I might not be good at… I went to years of counseling, had friends and pastors tell me that i needed to read my bible more, be accountable to someone, pray more, etc. But a year and half ago I received the life changing revelation of how much God really loved me, that He was really a good God who has good gifts for his children and because of Jesus I am now a child of God and almost overnight His PERFECT LOVE CAST OUT ALL FEAR. I literally became so full of His love for me that it pushed out every remnant of fear. Never has there been a more noticeable passionate change in me. What years of counseling could not “do”, I was transformed by the renewing of God’s word. And that healing, delivering word did not return void but accomplished what it was sent to do in my life. Because of the blood of Christ I am saved, healed and delivered and the enemy is under my feet!!! My heavenly DAD is awesome and nothing is impossible for Him. Karis, United States

  • James Davis says:

    I have been a pastor for over forty years and have always sought to preach and teach the truth as I understood it. In my diligence, I unwittingly brought those of which I was given oversight into bondage through legalism and the mix of law and grace. I was the greater victim of my own wrong theology. I was always more strict and less forgiving of my own life than others. I had heard of a grace message being taught that only brought a freedom that was misunderstood and misused to the shame of the body of Christ. I finally bought a book by Joseph Prince that shook my stance. While reading his second book my objections were overwhelmed with truth and I was saved – again! This time I was saved from my error and brought into the wonderful freedom found only in grace. I am FREE! and have never been more excited about preaching than I am each time I enter the pulpit to share the life I have found in the Savior of my soul. Glory to God! Jim Davis USA

  • Robert Westmoreland says:

    I was with a church from the age of 15 to 31, it was a charismatic church that turned into a cult. I was taught for years I could not hear God for myself, that the pastor had to hear God for me. The church was strongly “prophetic” with open rebukes, chastisements and mind control. I learned from attending a balanced church that not only does God love me but He has always been speaking to me. The thoughts I had in my mind for years of leaving finally got louder and 12.25.11 I walked way from years of bondage, doubt, fear and eventually drinking Jesus juice.

  • Cornel says:

    Submitted via email:

    “As a son of a pastor I heard the Gospel already in my early years. My parents did great! I chose for Life and became a child of God. It is only since a few years (I’m 41) that I understand what it means to be a new creation, even to be like Jesus in this world! I was tangled to a lie that I had to become somebody. Now I really know who I am, because of Jesus. My feelings of being a failure, of never being good enough, and the strife of working hard to ever become somebody in the eyes of God are gone. That has been a deliverance. Grace has set me free of bondages, which simply started by hearing Truth and renewing my mind.” – Jeroen, The Netherlands

  • Cornel says:

    Submitted via email:

    One of several “disciplines” that I had to get out from under was honoring the authority that God had placed me under (e.g., shepherd, elder, pastor) by submitting changes/plans in my life of any import first to this designated leader before acting on it. These activities included such things as new cars/house, vacations, etc., and even covered the exercising of spiritual gifts in the assembly!

    Although there was some wisdom on getting counsel in some of these matters, this “obedience” eventually led to a stunting of my communication and relationship__ with the Lord by engendering a warped dependence on the anointed leader’s ability to hear from the Spirit for me…

    Partially because of these 25 years, or so, of such teaching (which also included mandatory tithing within each cell group), I battle with an inability to know when I’m hearing God’s voice, or not. The most ironic part of this enforced spiritual incubation without the hatching in this covenant church was the correct training in Spirit-led worship which was ahead of its time! – Ron

  • Well I had left my homosexual lifestyle two years ago. It wasn’t long ’til I was fed a bunch of rules, not really from my church, (although my church still didn’t feed me what I was NEEDING to hear.) but from my pentecostal mother. I shortly decided, “Well, if I have to be perfect, what’s the point?” I was taught I had to keep repenting, asking for forgiveness, etc, because I was only forgiven for my past sins. I felt worthless, and like God hated me. Well, after 6 months of feeling like crap from religion, God called me to go to a church called Grace City, where I heard the message of grace for the first time. Ever since then, it’s been “smooth sailing.” I no longer feel worthless, and I now understand how much Papa really loves me. -Kyle, USA

  • For nearly 25 years of my life I grew up thinking that God approved of me based on how regularly I attended church or how much I did for Him. His blessings were directly proportional to how frequently I tithed. Then came glorious GRACE!! Gone are the days of guilt, fear and condemnation! This was the first part of my transformation.

    Then came the revelation of how mankind has turned “church” into the man-made institution that we have come to know to day. You can find these institutions lining the streets in almost every city in the world. Inside you have one man who runs the whole show, while the rest of the believers (who have the SAME spirit and SAME anointing) are reduced to passive spectators. This is a far cry rom the 1st century Christian meetings where everybody knew THEY were the church and the messtings buzzed with excitement as everybody had the opportunity to share, contribute, teach, sing, prophesy etc. The church today has turned what God meant to be FUNCTIONS in the Body of Christ into TITLES.

    So I left that system and found freedom and life in small house meetings, where the relationships are deep and meaningful, where every person knows they are valued and will be missed if they were to leave. This was the second part of my transformation. – Andre, South Africa

  • Stephen Sprecker says:

    Yes to all of the above comments in some form or another. One of the many things I’ve heard is that we are to be transparent and answer the tough questions as Christians. What I soon discovered but didn’t figure out quickly, was that did not apply to leadership. What applied to the congregation did not apply to Pastors and their cronies/inner circle or those who were favorites of the Senior Pastor. We are to tow the party lines and blindly follow our leaders because they know best and they hear from God because God talks to them before, if He ever does, talk to us/me. Yes this teaching by Cornel and his friends are dangerous to the religious Christians, not the James 1:27 Believers. My wife and I had a hard time 3-4 years before I found this teaching which brought a lot of peace to me. We gave up trying to find a church to belong to and decided to listen to God for ourselves instead, without family and friends’ approval. When we were in a church, doesn’t matter which one, it was more what was not said and that everyone knew that was how we were suppose to act and be that mattered. All of them would cause enough offense to people that they wanted out of their congregation to get them to leave, one of many hidden adgends. Freedom is God given, and that is why the 5 fold ministry, “For the equipping of the Saints”. Thanks Cornel (and your friends) for rightly decerning and teaching the scriptures. Shalom. Steve.

  • Since self discovery as a young teenager I had a weakness for self pleasure. Through church teaching I confessed, protected myself from temptation, forgave myself, made promiseMyers. When my will power waned I felt like a fraud, shamefull and trapped.
    When I came to know that Gods grace covers all sin, including future sin everything changed. I literally went from the throngs of temptation to peace in an instant. My new mind disagrees with my past behavior. My new trust in my Daddy is changing every area of my life.

  • Steven Tilley says:

    The beauty of communion. ~ I grew up southern Baptist in the 70′s and 80′s. On special occasions they would break out the round golden plates that held the grape juice and stale crackers. But right before they were passed, the pastor would begin to explain in great detail how if we had not properly repented of all our sins and made sure our hearts were right with God than death would certainly come upon us. Those moments of silence to clear your slate with God where not memories of joy for me. NOW…. Because of the message of Grace, I understand and enjoy the beauty of communion.

  • Steve says:

    I have since discovered after 25 years of being a believer and in ministry that God is not primarily angry, but rather, deeply in love with the world and especially those who believe in the Son. So I packed away Jonathan Edwards’ sermons on wrath, and others of such ilk, in a box and instead of glorying in a theology such as ‘sinners in the hands of an angry God’, I now glory in the fact that sinners are actually in the hands of a loving Savior. I may loose some friends, but I am gaining a new vision of God.
    (this is actually a quote from my upcoming book also ‘Manifesting Abundance’)

    Bless you in your ministry…


  • Caleb says:

    I was told by the church that I was a sinner, that I didn’t deserve anything that God had given me, and that he even viewed me as unworthy. I was set free from this about 2 years ago when I was told that God counted me as worthy EVEN BEFORE the cross and from that I’ve been fully receiving of his love, which has allowed me to give his love even more.

  • luke longfellow says:

    Spent many years since I was 19 with a very high commitment, communal Christian group. The control was so tight there left little room for any personal revelation of what to do unless you were the boss in the home. Different numerous tactics were implemented like the “Ask Me everything” doctrine which actually contradicted with all the home rules and asking your home counsel/leader. I was replacing ancient carpet in the rooms and there were some scraps left over so I was going to lay them in strips in my tiny room since I did not get any new carpet. The boss says as i walk by him: “Did you pray about doing that?” ISince learning about Sonship and grace it has been a whole new world of freedom for me. Luke

  • Angela says:

    As a young child, I was abused physically, sexually, and emotionally. I grew up going from one abusive situation to another until I believed that my sole purpose on earth was to allow others to abuse me. I was always fed the familiar line, “Everything happens for a reason.” I walked right into an abusive marriage where I was beat, raped, and tormented. Church after church kept telling me, “You have to go back for yourself as a little girl.” I wasn’t allowed to walk in the truth that I was a new creation because the church kept pushing me back into the past I didn’t want to be a part of. Freedom wasn’t acceptable because as the church sees things, you can’t possibly be free from what has happened TO you. They truly did not believe the old nature had passed away and a new creation had emerged (2 Cor. 5:17).

  • Susie Dunlap says:

    My mom died when I was five and I was put into an orphanage. My dad was an alcoholic and not capable of raising us. I was taught religion and self hatred. I became a born again, Spirit filled believer thirty one years ago. I loved the Lord with all I had, but was full of condemnation and guilt. I studied the word religiously, but never felt worthy enough. I had many physical problems, and could no longer work or do much of anything. I’ve had three spinal surgeries and was told I needed a total spinal fusion I spent my time reading the word and watching Christian television. To compound the problem, the Christians even though Charismatic and Word of Faith believers, told me I wasn’t healed because I either had lack of faith, or some sin in my life. I sure couldn’t figure out who I wasn’t forgiving or what I was was doing wrong. Five years ago during a very dark, depressed time, I found Joseph Prince on television. I listened intently and researched all he was saying. I finally had hope! I was set free from the orphan mindset. I’ve been healed from Hep C, depression, debilitating headaches, and in the process of freedom from excruciating back pain. I am active in ministry, and desire to share His love and grace. I’ve been set free!

  • LOIS says:

    For 35 years I was born again but I thought it was complicated do, do, do, don’t, don’t, don’t. Then I found grace and learned it was not performance based but God’s love based. I am loved and I am a Kingdom Kid and it’s all because of Jesus!

  • Ruben Lopez says:

    In 2008 we were poorer then poor. We have wonderful testimonies about not having not even milk for our kids and then all of a sudden a brother or sister in Christ would “appear” in our front door with bags and bags of groceries. In these difficult times we were told by a “prophet” whom we looked up to that God had us in this situation. It was His will for us to be like this. Why? Because His blessings for us (my family) were SO BIG that we had to hit rock bottom first. Sort of like when you want to build a skyscraper. The taller it is, the deeper you have to dig. These were exactly her words. So, we embraced poverty and lack. Why? Because it was “God’s will for us and He knew better.” We would even proudly share that testimony for “God’s glory”. It made us feel special, humble and VERY spiritual. It went on for nearly 2 years. YES 2 YEARS that we believed this nonsense. All that stupidity ended once I encountered my REAL FATHER! and we actually began to see a financial breakthrough.

    Rubén Lopez
    Estados Unidos :)

  • Ivie United States says:

    Growing up I went to many churches and always heard that if you kept doing the same sin over and over one day God will quit forgiving you. This was consistent but many of the other things taught weren’t. I grew confused. I quit Church and God. After all the only thing I was positive about at that time was that he quit me, I failed. I never gave him much thought after that. For years I searched for something to fill a void inside me. One night I couldn’t take it any more and I cried out to God. He filled the hole in my heart and I slept like a baby and from there he has brought me to new truths. I still get down and confused and find myself in the lies of the church but not this one. I turned my back but he never left.

  • Michelle says:

    I grew up in a stream of Christianity that told me that God was unemotional (except for anger) and that His love is action only , which was described as the “highest love” (though it never felt like love to me). I was taught that I had to be really hard on myself to try hard be “holy” and that I wasn’t a serious Christian if I was not sin seeking in myself all the time. We described condemning and harsh sermons as “hard hitting”, “uncompromising”, and “convicting”, and I was taught to read the Bible daily with an eye to beating on myself for perceived failures. I became depressed, ruthlessly self condemning, and longing for God’s love. I was told my sickness was God’s will and that He pre-planned it for my life. It was so life changing to learn that God is actually an emotional and passionate God and that He really loves me and is on my side (He isn’t planning disasters for me to make me stronger)! More, all my sins are forgiven and I’m the very righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I even have a new heart and am a saint. God is so different than I was told He was and I’m so grateful that He broke those religious lies off of me! I remember once telling God that I just wanted to die to get free of the sin problem relationally between us, and God said to me that the sin problem was *already* taken away…at the Cross! (blink) Really?! I thought the Cross only purchased forgiveness for heaven. I was ecstatic to know it took away the barrier of shame between us too! Thank you, Jesus!

  • Fiona says:

    For nearly 20 years I was trying to make God happy with me. I tried so hard… confessing my sin every day, trying so hard to overcome every area of weakness in my life. My husband and I took up many ministry roles, tithed “religiously”, sacrificed money, time, yes our very lives for God’s calling! We also did everything we were told by our pastors. After suffering from illness, poverty and extreme mental and emotional turmoil, we moved towns and discovered God’s grace!! I realised that Jesus has done it all!! I live in a New Covenant of his making. I remember after understanding I no longer have to do ANYTHING to make God happy with me, saying to my husband, “I feel peace for the first time ever!”. I used to think I knew peace and would say I wasn’t religious. Now I am at peace and I have news that is good enough to share with anyone :)
    Fiona, Australia

  • Jim Nareau says:

    Always taught Fasting was to get God’s attention..you know to let Him know I was serious. Then I realized that when a child says he is going to hold his breath until he gets his way, or throws a tantrum in the store before the parent “gives in”, and that doesn’t work, that is my analogy as to why fasting is not going to get God to take me any more seriously or cause Him to say OK-OK, I give in! Plus, now I am not as hungry!

  • Srinivasa Moorthy says:

    Being born in a nonchristian home in India, I was saved at age 21 when I learnt that only the blood of Jesus could wash away my sins . For next 10 years I lived a miserable life unable to live the holy life which I believed God expected of every believer in thoughts, actions, feelings and imaginations. I was certain that there was something which I missed other than Blood of Jesus, Anointing of HolySpirit, word of God, church because my best attempts in sanctification, prayer etc only made me more miserable….and I felt there is nothing more I could do. Then I heard of Grace in Andrew Wommacks part time Bible college … and was set free. … I have cast away all cares of Victorious Christian Life away … for HE CARETH FOR ME … and righteousness is by faith and not work….and He loves me unconditionally Hallelujah!!! In 1 hour my life was changed as I heard the message of Grace.


  • Anand Swarup Kumar says:

    I was born in a christian family and got saved by what “name” I don’t know because here in india we use more than three languages in churches for “Yahshua” they use “Jesus- in English”, Yesu Christhu- in Telugu”, Esa Massi- in Hindi”, Esa Salem- in Urdu”,….like that many name are there. On day one religious brother caught me and quoted me that there is no savation in all these name except hebrew on “Yahushua Messaiah” according to Acts 4:12 and after showing me many verses discouraged me and completely stopped me to read the word and attend church…etc But recently while surfing the internet I come across your grace preaching and I downloaded some sermons from revivalorriots.org site too and now Im freed and having fellowship with the father daily without missing through our big brother jesus..

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