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As many of you know I am part of new project put together by New Nature Publications called ‘The Living Grace Project.’ Together with 13 international authors we have been working on a book for the last 2 years and we are finally done! The official release is happening tomorrow, 1 April, but the book has already gone on sale! Here is some more info on the book as found on the publishers website:

New book release! Living Grace from City Church on Vimeo.


Well it’s finally here! “Living Grace – How grace affects your whole life.”


Authored by 13 great men of God including: Andrew Wommack, Rob Rufus, Joshua Mills, Benjamin Dunn, Fini de Gersigny, Arthur Meintjes, John Crowder, Lucas Miles, Ryan Rufus, Chad M. Mansbridge, Wayne Duncan, Cornel Marais and Paul Hernandez.


So you’ve been established on the foundation of God’s grace and wondering what’s next? Now it’s time to learn how to apply all those living truths into the supernatural lifestyle of grace!


With a combined ministry experience of over 230 years, having seen hundreds of thousands of souls saved, countless healings of all kinds, incredible signs and wonders, supernatural joy and freedom coming to entire communities, orphans, widows and the poor being cared for and loved, and the Gospel being preached to literally tens of millions of people world worldwide - Living Grace will now help you catch the new wave of grace that God is releasing upon the earth today, causing you to demonstrate to the world just how good the Good News of Jesus Christ really is! And the best thing about it is that it’s ridiculously simple and profoundly uncomplicated!


Living Grace is a synergetic combination of thirteen great men of God, well established in the Gospel of Grace, who have come together to show you how the grace of God both gives life, and is the only way of life! Each chapter contains distilled wisdom of glorious truth that has been stripped of naive idealism, tested by the fires of adversity and trials, and proven fruitful and effectual. This book is not just talk, it’s stuff that works! It doesn’t come with ideals but with impartations of life!


To order a paperback copy, visit New Nature Publications. The always ship anywhere free of charge! Click here!


Living grace is also available on Kindle! Click below to download a copy!


Grace and Peace!


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  • robin bremer says:

    I read you other 2 books and they are AMAZING!! I was so excited to hear you were giving away this one, (I was waiting till payday to get it) Now I dont have to wait! I just downloaded your free one and am reading it. THIS is the end time message the world needs to get. I have been preaching it on my blog and in my books but you go so much DEEPER and inspire me to just totally jump in to grace and not hold back at all!
    Robin Bremer

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