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I’m just interrupting my series on deliverance (which you can read here, here and here) with a great giveaway for you guys!

My publisher is running a promo and they are giving away free PDF copies of the book I co-wrote with 13 other great authors including Andrew Wommack, John Crowder, Benjamin Dunn, Lucas Miles, Arthur Meintjies, Rob Rufus, Ryan Rufus, Chad Mansbridge and more! Click here to read more about this book.

The promo is running until the end of February 2013 so you have plenty of time to grab a free copy, share this post on facebook and help us spread the word! Just click the picture below and grab a free copy, then say thanks by sharing this post on your wall. You can also like their facebook page and visit their website to check out more great deals. And remember, any book(s) you buy from them ships totally free anywhere in the world! Beat that Amazon!

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Here are some quotes from Living Grace, a book project I am involved in with 13 other authors. Below is one quote from each author’s chapter in the book. For more info on the book and the project, click here.


“Sin isn’t what causes separation – it is separation that causes sin.”

- Benjamin Dunn, “Union”.


“As a New Covenant, born-again believer, to go and ask God for forgiveness after you have sinned, is in fact, a sin! It is the sin of unbelief.”

- Ryan Rufus, “Totally Forgiven, Totally United, Totally Filled”.


“In reality, whatever you still feel guilty about continues to have power over your life.”

- Arthur Meintjes, “Guilt Free Living”.


“The reason why people say grace is radical is because they’ve never heard the law being taught properly.”

- Rob Rufus, “The Grace-Hating Spirit”.


“If leaders are full of grace, it stands to reason that our grace walk will become the grace walk of those following us.”

- Fini de Gersigny, “Grace and Leadership”.


“Your faith connecting with God’s grace becomes the catalyst for a never-ending river of blessing to flow.”

- Joshua Mills, “Living in the Glory by Grace.”


“If we are to imitate Christ and do the same and greater works that He did, we are going to have to start casting out demons too.”

- Cornel Marais, “Dealing with the Demonic”.


“I don’t give to get, but I give knowing that I’m going to get, so I can be a bigger giver.”

- Andrew Wommack, “Grace and Finances”.


“The Good News of Jesus and of His great salvation, is something that Christians themselves need to constantly hear!”

- Chad M. Mansbridge, “Titus: Stress These Things”.


“Instead of Christ with Paul – it was Christ as Paul.”

- John Crowder, “A Case for Divine Complacency”.


“Whenever we are taking away the Old Covenant and establishing the New Covenant, we are doing the will of God.”

- Paul Hernandez, “The New Covenant in a Nutshell”.

“Purity: Christian behavior that flows from nothing but un-manipulated love.”

- Wayne Duncan, “New Covenant Motivation”.


“I believe that we stand on the brink of the greatest awakening the Church or this world has ever seen.”

- Lucas Miles, “Unstoppable Grace”.


Kindle Version


For a hardcopy version, click here and you will be directed to New Nature Publications’ website for orders. All orders include free shipping anywhere in the world! 100% of the sales of this book go directly into translating it into as many languages as possible! None of the authors are taking a cent!


If you have read it already, I would love for you to write your favourite quotes in the comment section below.


Grace and Peace!




Hi all!


As many of you know I am part of new project put together by New Nature Publications called ‘The Living Grace Project.’ Together with 13 international authors we have been working on a book for the last 2 years and we are finally done! The official release is happening tomorrow, 1 April, but the book has already gone on sale! Here is some more info on the book as found on the publishers website:

New book release! Living Grace from City Church on Vimeo.


Well it’s finally here! “Living Grace – How grace affects your whole life.”


Authored by 13 great men of God including: Andrew Wommack, Rob Rufus, Joshua Mills, Benjamin Dunn, Fini de Gersigny, Arthur Meintjes, John Crowder, Lucas Miles, Ryan Rufus, Chad M. Mansbridge, Wayne Duncan, Cornel Marais and Paul Hernandez.


So you’ve been established on the foundation of God’s grace and wondering what’s next? Now it’s time to learn how to apply all those living truths into the supernatural lifestyle of grace!


With a combined ministry experience of over 230 years, having seen hundreds of thousands of souls saved, countless healings of all kinds, incredible signs and wonders, supernatural joy and freedom coming to entire communities, orphans, widows and the poor being cared for and loved, and the Gospel being preached to literally tens of millions of people world worldwide - Living Grace will now help you catch the new wave of grace that God is releasing upon the earth today, causing you to demonstrate to the world just how good the Good News of Jesus Christ really is! And the best thing about it is that it’s ridiculously simple and profoundly uncomplicated!


Living Grace is a synergetic combination of thirteen great men of God, well established in the Gospel of Grace, who have come together to show you how the grace of God both gives life, and is the only way of life! Each chapter contains distilled wisdom of glorious truth that has been stripped of naive idealism, tested by the fires of adversity and trials, and proven fruitful and effectual. This book is not just talk, it’s stuff that works! It doesn’t come with ideals but with impartations of life!


To order a paperback copy, visit New Nature Publications. The always ship anywhere free of charge! Click here!


Living grace is also available on Kindle! Click below to download a copy!


Grace and Peace!


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