Over the last two and half years I have written quite a few blog posts. The person I surprised the most throughout all this writing was myself! I never imagined I would be a writer, especially in my second language. (Although at school I always seemed to get better grades for my second language than for my first. Go figure.) Some of my posts have been awesome, others, not so much. HaHa… So I have decided to make a Top 10 list of the most read articles on this site. Enjoy!


Tied for 10th place we have two posts:

8 Scriptures For When Your Doubting God’s Grace

Does The Holy Spirit Convict Christians Of Their Sins?


In 9th Place:

Questions and Ponderings About Tithing… Part 1: Abraham’s Tithe


In 8th Place:

Do You Have To Confess A Sin Before It Can Be Forgiven?


In 7th Place:

The Sin Of Unforgiveness


In 6th Place:

20 Rob Rufus Quotes on Law vs. Grace


In 5th Place:

Sickness For God’s Glory?


In 4th Place:

When NOT Watching Porn Is A Sin


In 3rd Place: – And very proud of Simon for this one!

5 Spiritual Time & Money Wasters – By Simon Wilson


In 2nd Place:

What Happens To My Forgiveness If I Sin As A Believer?


And finally, and quite surprising to me really, is 1st Place:

Separating Sheep And Goats?


I wonder if I should make a Worst 10 list? Haha


Grace and Peace!



2 Responses to The Top 10 So Far

  • Gbolahan Omotola says:

    Please do make a worst ten list, curious to know the posts people weren’t interested in.
    Love your skill in rightly dividing the word of truth.

    May your wisdom increase.

    In Christ,

    • Cornel says:

      I only started a post hit tracker just over a year ago, so some of the earlier posts have been viewed a lot, I just don’t have any records of how many times…

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